Treatment Plant Manufacturing
Any Kind of Treatment Plant and Accessories Manufacturing, Installation and Assembly

Treatment Plant Manufacturing, Installation and Assembly

Any kind of supplementary element such as mechanical equipment, reinforced concrete structures etc. that required for Water / Wastewater Treatment Plants and water intake structures is determined, designed and projected in accordance with your needs by our experienced engineer team.

Our Company does,

  • Process selection, project design and engineering services,
  • Construction and contracting of the facility,
  • Preparing the project approval file and getting the file approval,
  • Supply of mechanical equipment (valves, pumps, mixers, etc.)
  • Manufacturing and assembly of the facility and equipment (reinforced concrete structures, piping systems, etc.),
  • Commissioning of the facility
  • Training to responsible personnel,
  • Performing wastewater analysis and providing support to operation problems in facilities,
  • Maintenance and repair activities

By this way, we can assure you that we are taking part and provide our support in every stage of the project from problem analysis to operation.


Some of the treatment plant equipment we provide;

  • Sand and Activated Carbon Filter
  • Compact Biological Treatment Systems (SBR, MBR, MBBR etc.)
  • Reverse osmosis Equipment
  • Piping Systems (Valves, PVC Pipe, PE pipe etc.)
  • Dewatering Equipment (Filter press, Centrifuge etc.)
  • Disinfection Equipment (Pasteurization, chlorination, ozonation, etc.)
  • Screens (Basket screen, Mechanical screen, etc.)
  • Pumps (Submersible pump, Centrifugal pump, etc.)
  • Mixers (Static mixer, Dynamic mixer, etc.)
  • Grease Separators
  • Aeration Equipment (Blower, Diffuser, etc.)
  • Scrapers (Rotary scrapers, Linear scrapers, etc.)

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