Zero Waste Consultancy
Thanks to the zero waste approach, we can protect nature and human life and ensure that all resources are used more efficiently

"Zero Waste Regulation" was published by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization in the Official Gazette dated 31 December 2019 and numbered 30829.

As it is known, zero waste can be defined as preventing wastage, reducing waste generation, collecting and accumulating wastes at the source according to their category, and sending them to appropriate recycling/recycling or disposal facilities. The basic principle of the Zero Waste project is to reduce the waste each year and to prevent waste generation at the source in the future. Thus, the goal is to protect nature, human life and all resources.

Which Firms/Institutions Get Zero Waste Consultancy?

Public Institutions and Organizations, OIZs and Industrial Facilities, Airports, Terminals, Ports, Shopping Malls, Business Centers and Commercial Plazas, Educational Institutions and Dormitories, Health Institutions, Accommodation Facilities, Houses and Estates, Fuel Stations and way stations, Chain Markets are obliged to obtain a "Zero Waste Certificate".

Within the scope of Bilgi Çevre Zero Waste Consultancy;

  • Establishment of the work team,
  • Zero Waste planning,
  • Providing regular trainings,
  • Awareness activities,
  • Monitoring, record keeping and improvement activities,
  • Placement of equipment in suitable places within the scope of zero waste,
  • Zero waste certificate application and process management

In this context, we are happy to serve you with our experienced Environmental Engineer team. You can contact us for details.

Bilgi Çevre is an environmental consultancy company that obtains a zero waste certificate on behalf of your company within the scope of zero waste consultancy.

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