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Within the scope of the "REGULATION ON OPERATING AND WORKING LICENSES" published in the Official Gazette dated 10.08.2005 and numbered 25902, "license to open a workplace and work" is given by the authorities for the establishment and operation of workplaces. The principles and procedures to be applied in opening a business and issuing working licenses are specified in this regulation.

The purpose of opening a workplace and issuing a working license is to control businesses that cause or are likely to cause more or less biological, chemical, physical, mental and social damage to the environment during their activities or that may cause pollution of natural resources and to ensure that they take precautions against possible risks.

The Business License to Open and Operate is one of the mandatory documents that a business must obtain in order to continue its activities. Facilities that carry out their activities within the boundaries of the OIZ do not allow the workplaces to operate if the Work Permit is not obtained.

Production facilities, factories, industrial facilities, businesses, shopping stores, offices, shops and benches are some of the organizations that have to obtain a business license to open and operate. Different and detailed documents are requested by the relevant administration for each workplace. These documents vary according to the regions where the business is affiliated. Therefore, a complete list of documents can be obtained from the district municipalities. Based on the application made after the completion of the documents, the license process is completed if there are no deficiencies with the on-site inspection made by the license and inspection directorate. Businesses can start their activities with the receipt of the license.

As Bilgi Environmental Consultancy Services;

  • At the stage of determining your workplace class, by making examinations in line with the Regulation on Opening a Business and Working Licenses, it is determined which member your activity will fall under,
  • Necessary documents related to the designated member are completed,
  • The application of the necessary documents for the business license to open and operate is made to the relevant places, and the follow-up is ensured,
  • We support the completion of your License File and obtaining your Working License as soon as possible by applying to the relevant institution.

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