A Career Opportunity at Bilgi Çevre
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A Career Opportunity at Bilgi Çevre

Internship experience

Here is an opportunity for university students who want to meet the young, dynamic and expert staff of Bilgi Çevre Danışmanlık and gain experience in different sectors and fields.

As Bilgi Environmental Consultancy Services, where many interns gain different experiences, develop themselves, and also find job opportunities after internship, we are happy to contribute to the development of our young engineers in business life.

There is no specific timeframe for our intern recruitment.

For applications, if you send your CV to e-mail address, evaluation will be made in line with the needs.

Recruitment Process

In line with the current needs, we aim to recruit candidates who love their job, are prone to teamwork and adopt the company culture, who can produce solutions and constantly improve their skills, who are skilled in corporate relations and communication, who can both contribute to the organization and find what they are looking for in the working environment on their behalf.

Comprehensive orientation trainings are provided to our newly recruited employees.

You can send your CV to

As Bilgi Environmental Consultancy Services, we would be happy to see you among us in our growing team.

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