Dredging Environmental Management Plan
Rules to be Followed by Companies in Dredging Activities

The "Regulation on Environmental Management of Dredging Material" was published in the Official Gazette dated 14 January 2020 and numbered 31008 and entered into force by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization.

In the regulation, the procedures and principles regarding ensuring environmental management in the dredging activities to be carried out in the seas, coastal areas and estuaries, the beneficial use of the bottom materials that released as a result of the dredging activities, the disposal of these materials in a way that will not adversely affect the environment and human health, or their discharge into the sea are determined.

Companies that want to carry out dredging and unloading activities are required to prepare a Dredging Environmental Management Plan within the scope of the regulation and submit it to the relevant administration. This Plan should contain information on the dredging activity, the discharge area, appropriate equipment, technology and method.

A Dredging Environmental Management Plan is prepared by responsible professionals from environmental consultancy companies that have received and successfully completed the training program organized by the Ministry on dredging and discharge issues.

The Drilling Environmental Management Plan submitted to the Administration is examined and a Certificate of Conformance is issued if the plan is found sufficient.

Monitoring studies are carried out by the company which a certificate of conformance is given. By adhering the scope of the parameters defined in the table in the annex of the regulation determination of possible changes in the areas where the bottom materials that are formed due to the activity are discharged. As a result of these monitoring studies, Monitoring Reports are prepared and submitted to the relevant administration.

Monitoring Reports are prepared by Environmental Officers who have received and successfully completed the training organized by scientific institutions/organizations authorized by the Ministry on dredging and discharge issues, or by persons affiliated with Environmental Consulting Firms who have successfully completed this training.

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