Quality Policy
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We ensure the creation of Environmental Policies by improving the Environmental Management standards of all our customers we serve, within the framework of conscious, safe and legal compliance.

The Main Purposes of Our Environmental and Quality Consultancy Systems are listed below.

  • To prepare, manage and supervise all environmental policies in accordance with expectations and legal obligations in all company activities that affect the environment.
  • To ensure that the Environmental Policies are kept under control with regular audits that are open to development and change, and to help to protection of the environment.
  • To bring environmental protection responsibility and awareness to employees of companies through trainings and informative services.
  • To ensure that the Environmental Policies are kept up-to-date by determining the current status and deficiencies, if any, through controls and audits.
  • To prevent emissions, waste and water pollution or other environmental damage by ensuring that appropriate measures are taken in order to minimize environmental interaction.
  • Creating/developing/implementing the emergency plans of all organizations that have potential to harm the environment, regardless of their size.
  • To support the use of state-of-the-art environmentally friendly technologies, new products and services.

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