About Us
Take a Closer Look on Bilgi Çevre Consultancy Services with its Expert Team

Bilgi Çevre Environmental Engineering, Consulting and Education Services Inc. started its activities in 2010 in Istanbul/Turkey. Bilgi Çevre is a Professional Environmental Consulting Company that carries out “Audit Processes and Determination of the Efficiency of Environmental Audit” for companies subject to environmental auditing.

Our company provides services with innovative and sustainable solutions in environmental audit applications. We are carrying out studies in accordance with the regulations determined by the laws, especially in the fields of water, environment, infrastructure, resource management, energy and engineering.

In this context, Bilgi Çevre;

Serves you with its engineers who are competent in their fields, who have the Environmental Consultancy Qualification Certificate, who have knowledge of the relevant environmental legislations, who can offer solutions on environmental issues to your company. Moreover, Bilgi Çevre ensures that your company’s employees understand the seriousness of the issue by conducting informative training activities on environmental issues and encouraging activities.

Bilgi Çevre Environmental Engineering aims to offer professional approach for a livable environment and a bright future with the slogan of “Infinite Knowledge”.

We produce the best and rational solutions in the field of science and engineering and we work hard to bring innovative solutions even to the most complex requirements of our customers.

You can contact us for benefiting our professional solutions and support in the field of environmental consultancy.

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