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It is the declaration and payment obligation arising from the importation of the products / goods / materials included in the Annex-1 list of the Environmental Law No. 2872 / their placing on the domestic market.

Those who supply (put on the market) and/or import (importers) the products/goods/materials in the Annex-1 list of the Environmental Law make the payment by submitting a Recycling Contribution Share declaration.

Marketer: Real/legal persons who supply or manufacture a product/good/material and put it on the market using their own name/trademark.

Importer: Real/legal persons who import a product/goods/material by nationalizing them on their own behalf and for free circulation.

Supplier: Real/legal persons who supply/produce a product/item/material on behalf of someone else.

Points of Sale: Real and legal persons who ensure that unpackaged products are packaged and placed on the market or that carry out the packaging process. Points of sale are in the position of placing on the market for the packaged products they sell under their own name and/or trademark.

In case the vegetable oils included in the Annex-1 list of the Environmental Law are put on the market, a declaration is made and the recovery contribution fee is collected.
Declaration is taken from the primary packaging of these vegetable oils, but the recovery contribution fee is not collected. In case vegetable oils are used as raw materials in the production of products included in Annex-1 list of the Environmental Law, a declaration is made by the manufacturer/importer of these products supplied as raw materials, but the recovery contribution fee is not collected.

In calculating the weight of vegetable oils for the GEKAP declaration; packaging etc. weights (bottles, cans, lids, etc. containing the vegetable oil) are
not included in the product weight . For the packaging of vegetable oils other than the primary packaging (secondary packaging/group packaging, tertiary packaging/transport packaging/outer packaging, etc.), payment is made by submitting a return participation fee statement.

All components of the packages used in the GEKAP calculation for these packages are calculated separately according to the type of material (plastic, metal, paper, wood, etc.).

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