Environmental Consultancy
Environmental Consultancy Services

Environmental Consultancy Services are provided by environmental consulting companies with the aim of controlling and auditing the compliance with the legislation in the activities of businesses, industrial establishments and facilities, which are subject to environmental legislation, and determining additional sanction actions when needed.

Bilgi Çevre is an authorized environmental consulting company with the permission of the Ministry, carries out environmental audits of companies that have impact to the environment in accordance with the environmental policies of our country.

The companies benefiting from our Environmental Consultancy Services;

  • Bilgi Çevre ensures that activities of the company are organized and continued in accordance with environmental legislation.
  • Bilgi Çevre audits whether the company acts in accordance with the rules required by the legislation.
  • Bilgi Çevre ensures that the effects of the activities of the company on the environment are monitored and the necessary sanctions are applied if there is a violation of the legislation as a result of these activities.

Bilgi Çevre also provides;

  • For businesses that will be newly established or that continue their activities,
  • Determining the positive or negative effects that may occur in interactions with the environment,
  • Preventing or minimizing the effects of adverse situations,
  • Selection of facility/operation location and technology alternatives,
  • Necessary permission, analysis and consultancy services,
  • Providing detailed reports and opinions with our expert team.

All the works that we carried out for your company are delivered to the Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanization / Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. Moreover, the follow up studies are also carried out by us on your behalf.

In this context, Bilgi Çevre Consultancy Company does all the services mentioned below on behalf of your business;

  • Environmental Permit and License Procedures
  • Environmental Management Systems
  • EIA Report and Consultancy
  • Project Introduction File Consultancy
  • Preparing Explosion Protection Document
  • Waste Management Plan and Consultancy
  • Laboratory and Measurement Services

Bilgi Çevre Consultancy Services takes its actions,

For the environment, with the principle of respect, responsibility and awareness, it has adopted the "Environmental Ethics" in global manner and carries out its works in this direction. Because there is no Planet B!

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