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Environmental Impact Assessment

We are concerned about the thoughtless destruction of forests, the drying up of wetlands, and the dangerous levels of air pollution. In our country, some measures must be taken in order to prevent or reduce the damage to the environment as much as possible. Environmental Impact Assessment is an important step that prevents the realization of such projects that have a large negative impact on the environment.

EIA Report

Unless an "Environmental Impact Assessment Positive" decision or an "Environmental Impact Assessment Not Required" decision is taken for the projects that are subjected to the Environmental Impact Assessment Regulation published in the Official Gazette No. 29186 dated 25 November 2014, incentives, approvals, permits, construction and usage licenses cannot be given for these projects. Investment cannot be started and tendered for.

Which projects are subject to Environmental Impact Assessment?

  • Projects included in the Annex-1 list of the Environmental Impact Assessment Regulation,
  • Projects for which the "EIA is required" decision is given,
  • In case of planned capacity increase and/or expansion regarding the projects evaluated out of scope, the projects whose new capacity is at or above the threshold specified in Annex-1 list.

Bilgi Çevre determines the positive and negative effects on the environment, proposes solutions to minimize the negative effects, and prepares the Environmental Impact Assessment Application File, Environmental Impact Assessment Report and Project Introduction Files in this context, as well as the decision stage regarding the business in question following service.

Bilgi Çevre has the authorization to prepare Project Introduction File and Environmental Impact Assessment Application File.

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