Explosion Protection Document
Companies that Prepare Explosion Protection Document

What is an Explosion Protection Document?

We assess explosion risks in your company…

We prepare Explosion Protection Document specifically for your workplace in accordance with TS EN 60079-10-1: 2015 Gas and TS EN 60079-10-2 : 2014 Dust standards.

Employer's Responsibility in Preparation of Explosion Protection Document;

The employer is required to prepare an "Explosion Protection Document" in accordance with Article 6 of the Regulation on the Protection of Employees from the Hazards of Explosive Environments.

The explosion protection document should be prepared prior to the start of work and should be reviewed and updated whenever significant changes, expansions or modifications are made to the workplace, work equipment or organization.

What Are Our Explosion Protection Document Preparation Stages?

  • By making a preliminary examination in your facility, the areas where chemicals are used or stored are determined.
  • MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) of the chemicals that are kept in the facility are examined.
  • As a result of the examination, flammable and combustible chemicals are detected.
  • A team consisting of Chemical Specialist, Electrical Engineer and OHS Specialist, if any, is formed in the subjected facility.
  • The team is trained on the content of the Explosion Protection Document and the task is shared.
  • In explosive environments, the necessary data is collected for the calculation of the Explosive Zone by examining together with the team.
  • Zone classes and distances are determined by making calculations in accordance with the standards.
  • Explosive areas are shown by working on the layout of the facility.
  • The suitability of electrical equipment used in the determined regions is evaluated.
  • Explosion-based risk assessment specific to your workplace is made.


As Bilgi Çevre, we do not only prepare Explosion Protection Document …

  • We stand by you to create a safe working environment.
  • We review your designs.
  • We increase the awareness of your employees.
  • We are changing the safety culture of your facility.

Who prepares the explosion protection document?

Bilgi Çevre Consultancy is a professional environmental consultancy company that provides Explosion Protection Document Preparation Service on behalf of your business.

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