Wastewater Generating Facilities Attention!
About Companies Producing Wastewater as a Result of Their Activities

It is aimed by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization to register the domestic, urban and industrial wastewater generating facilities in Turkey, to create a wastewater inventory , to make reporting and to perform wastewater management effectively. For this purpose, the 

Wastewater Information System application within the Integrated Environmental Information System , which is the online application of the Ministry , was created.

In the Water Pollution Control Regulation, "Wastewater treatment plant operators, monitoring of treatment facilities that operate efficiently and is responsible for keeping the records. The
characteristics and amounts of wastewater are regularly recorded in a format to be determined by the Ministry and in a digital environment. 

With the expression in the form, the obligation to register
to the Wastewater Information System is also legally mentioned. The Municipality, Organized Industrial Zone Management, Free and/or Industrial Zone Management, Industrial Site or Cooperative, Industrial Facility, Tourism Facility or Site Management and all other facilities that produce Domestic Wastewater must make up-to-date data entries into the Wastewater Information System.

It is important that institutions, organizations and enterprises producing domestic, urban and industrial wastewater make correct and complete entries to the Wastewater Information System and that the data is up-to- date. If it is determined that data entries are not made during the audits to be carried out by the Provincial Directorates, administrative action can be applied within the scope of the Environment Law.

As Bilgi Çevre, we carry out all the necessary notifications and declarations through the Integrated Environmental Information System by our expert team. We support you with the necessary data entries to be made through the Wastewater Information System.

You can contact us for detailed information and questions.

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