To The Attention Of Residents in Sarıyer Region
About Sarıyer Region Mandatory Wastewater Environmental Permits

To the Attention of Residents of the Settlement Located in the Sarıyer Region of Istanbul!

It is obligatory to obtain an Environmental Permit by the Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanization for settlements, private estates, villas, cooperatives, neighborhoods and households in Sarıyer location and villages.

Sarıyer Neighborhoods

Residences and workplaces with neighborhood status should receive information from the İSKİ General Directorate, which is the authorized institution for the collection of wastewater through a central sewage system and disposal at the wastewater treatment plant.

Sarıyer Villages

Since many households in Sarıyer and Köyler region are disconnected from existing settlements, discharge processes of domestic or industrial wastewater must be carried out in a controlled manner.

Cooperative and Site Managements are authorized and responsible for the discharge of wastewater in accordance with the sensitivity of the receiving environment and discharge standards.

In order for these processes to be carried out without increasing odor and wastewater complaints, especially without harming the environment, the Cooperative or Site Managements, which are the authorities of the relevant living areas, must immediately perform the Environmental Permit Transactions until the completion of the infrastructure projects planned by İSKİ.

Sarıyer Environmental Consulting Firms and Companies

Considering the environment and human health, the above mentioned site, cooperative, villa, etc. They have to fulfill the legal obligations related to the environmental permit procedures related to the wastewater treatment processes of the residences and buildings or their management, the establishment of the wastewater treatment plant, and the environmental consultancy activities.

In this context, Bilgi Çevre Consultancy applies to all private estates, villas, cooperatives and residential-commercial structures in the neighborhoods in the Sarıyer Region;

  • Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • Wastewater Disposal
  • discharge clearance
  • wastewater discharge
  • Wastewater environmental permit

We help you with our Environmental Engineers, who are experts in the field of wastewater and environmental permit processes.

Bilgi Çevre Consultancy continues its services in Sarıyer Region. We are with you in all Environmental Management fields you may need, such as Wastewater Treatment Plant and Environmental Permit Services.

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