Mucilage Controls Continue Without Slowing Down.
Within the scope of mucilage campaign, sudden inspections are carried out on facilities!

About Mucilage Supervisions

Within the scope of the Mucilage mobilization initiated by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, immediate inspections are carried out by the Provincial Directorates. During the inspections carried out within this scope, closure and fines were imposed on many businesses that are operating without an "Environmental Permit Certificate ",  discharge wastewater and pollute the environment with other wastes without operating treatment plant.

Which Documents Should Be Included in Mucilage Audits?

  • Channel Connection (Discharge Quality Control) permission,
  • Environmental Permit Certificate,
  • EIA opinion letter,
  • Industrial Waste Management Plan

Like above documents, whether the businesses have mandatory documents, and if they have, their compliance with the legislation is audited by the authorities. Documents must comply with current regulatory obligations.

If any non-compliance is found during the inspections, administrative and penal sanctions can be applied to the enterprise within the scope of the Environmental Law No. 2872.

How to Obtain EIA / Environmental Permit Certificate?

Within the scope of "ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ASSESSMENT REGULATION" and "ENVIRONMENTAL PERMISSION AND LICENSE REGULATION", compliance of the enterprise with the legislation is ensured by the guidance made by our expert team. The necessary application documents are prepared and submitted to the Provincial Directorate.

As Bilgi Çevre, we provide professional service to you by following all the relevant stages in the process of obtaining the Temporary Activity Certificate, Environmental Permit and License.

How to Get Channel Connection Permission (Discharge Quality Control) Certificate?

Regardless of whether the sewerage system ends with treatment, connection to the domestic wastewater sewer system can be made with the permission of the municipality. The ability of enterprises to connect their wastewater to infrastructure facilities is subject to the wastewater connection permit to be given by the wastewater infrastructure facilities management. Channel Connection Permit (Discharge Quality Control) Certificate can be obtained by applying to the wastewater infrastructure facilities management. Wastewater connection permit, in return for a written document for domestic wastewater; for industrial wastewater, it is a permit in the form of a connection quality control permit. We provide the necessary service in the entire process from the preparation of all necessary documents and submission to the relevant authorities, until the receipt of the document.

What are the Legal Obligations in your facility?

  • Complying with the provisions, regulations, bylaws and communiqués of the Environmental Law No. 2872,
  • Determining your scope of Environmental Impact Assessment Regulation and documenting it by the Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanization,
  • Determining your scope of Environmental Permit and License Regulation and documenting it by the Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanization,

Proper separation of your wastes within the scope of Waste Management Regulation, ensuring that the facility meets the requirements of the relevant regulation and that your 3-year 

  • Industrial Waste Management Plan is prepared and approved by the Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanization,
  • Providing environmental training to personnel,
  • Compliance of your business with the requirements of the Regulation on Control of Medical Wastes,
  • Zero Waste System installation and declaration,
  • Submission of annual declarations (hazardous-non-hazardous waste, generator, Bekra, medical waste declaration etc.) to the Provincial Directorate.

As Bilgi Çevre Consultancy;

We serve you with our engineers who are competent in the field, have the Environmental Consultancy Qualification Certificate, have a good command of the relevant environmental legislation, can offer solutions to their customers on environmental issues. In this context, our services;

  • Environmental Permit Certificate purchasing service,
  • EIA Consultancy,
  • Obtaining the Channel Connection Permit / DKKR,
  • Getting the Industrial Waste Management Plan approval,
  • Zero Waste Consulting,
  • KKDIK Consulting,
  • Dangerous Goods Safety Consultancy,
  • Water / Wastewater Treatment Consultancy

We serve your business in all processes within the scope of Environmental Legislation and Environmental Legislation.

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